A night at Cookies & Cream – nightclub graphics and print

We visited our friends at Cookies & Cream to support the launch of their beautiful second nightclub and to see how our design and print work has come out…

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Code Club – giving children the chance to learn to code

Are your kids showing an interest in code? Then a new, nationwide initiative is aiming to help out. It’s a volunteer led network so if your a coder (geek) who loves to teach then get involved.

Code CLub

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Google creative sandbox

Google Creative Sandbox is a space to celebrate the intersection of creativity and technology, primarily within the realm of advertising. It’s a place for Google to expose cool creations, generate inspiration, and prompt possibilities. Join the conversation of musings and example-sharing to help push the limits of digital creativity.

Google Creative Sandbox have just launched a 3D pop-up guidebook using only Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3. Very cool!

Creative Sandbox

It was acceptable in the 80s

To reminisce.
Verb: Indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events.

The boom of the console industry: back in the 80s and 90s, there we were, fresh faced and juvenile, eating mushrooms as Super Mario, popping pills with Pac-man all to an upbeat 8-bit soundtrack. Read more